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certificate error when initiating a RDP session using Remmina

Shortly after running the latest version of Remmina a new message “certificate changed” popped up. As I connect to different VMs with the same IP address (e.g. with client A I connect to host “KA” and client B I connect to host “KB” using the same IP address this message totally makes sense as …


Remmina Remote Desktop Manager Vnc Rdp

after trying grdesktop, vino and vinagre .. which all worked but you had to use one program for each protocol .. i was looking for something similar to http://remotedesktopmanager.com … finding this blog entry http://blog.computer-tipps.info/2010/12/07/remmina-fernwartung-aus-einer-hand/ showed me that there is a programme to do just what i wanted … installing remmina as usual sudo aptitude …