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certificate error when initiating a RDP session using Remmina

Shortly after running the latest version of Remmina a new message “certificate changed” popped up. As I connect to different VMs with the same IP address (e.g. with client A I connect to host “KA” and client B I connect to host “KB” using the same IP address this message totally makes sense as …


using Remote Desktop Gateway with Remmina

Previously I was starting a Windows VM to do nothing else but connect to other Windows machines or VMs using Remote Desktop Gateways. Several weeks ago I was asked why I don’t use Remmina as it uses FreeRDP and this has the feature implemented. With a quick search I found an answer (from 2014) that …


toggle window “always on top” via shortcut

When I use Windows I still use the aged tool WinSplit which brings the shortcut “CTRL+ALT+O” with it. This keeps the current window always on top of all other. I wanted this functionality (and the shortcut) also on my laptop which is running Linux Mint. This works without any additional software as the functionality is …


installing linux mint 13 (mate) on a fit-pc3 – xserver no screens found

i set up my fit-pc3 and had some trouble getting my xserver working .. here is how it went … i was pleased to see a page in the wiki from compuLab but IMHO there are some points missing: boot from usb flash drive i changed the boot order in the bios (which you can …


howto format a usb thumb flash drive

to format a usb thumb drive you need a software called “gparted”. installing gparted to install it use the following command: sudo aptitude install gparted or you may also use the “Software Manager”, search for “gparted” and install it. run gparted after the installation run it either by starting it with the command gparted & …


workaround: slow printing pdf documents and images on the hp 2200 dtn

i tried everything to fix the slow printing of the hp 2200 dtn but nothing really helped .. the only thing seems to be to replace it with a different one (according to this forum post .. the third from the bottom) … i have the fit-pc2 running 24/7 and there is also running windows …


change the default terminal window size

to change the default terminal window size you have to edit the file gksudo gedit /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm and change the line (10) which reads something like :co#132:it#8:li#26:\ where co#132 means 132 columns and li#26 means 26 lines .. dunno what the it#8 stands for .. it did not change anything altering it …


everything’s a duplicate .. even me blogging about switching to linux mint on a lenovo x200s

i found this blog about just the same thing i am about to blog .. my move to linux mint as my primary OS on my lenovo x200s … http://opendaily.wordpress.com has some interesting posts!


Disable Wireless (Wifi) By Default On Startup

booting the machine with the physical wireless switch enabled the wifi was always enabled but the wwan was not … as i would like to choose whether or not to enable any wireless connection i wanted to disable it by default … i started by disabling the option “Connect automatically” at my wireless connection .. …