SikuliX – pressing key combinations

I just wanted to quickly automate a task using my favourite tool SikuliX. Therefore I had to make it press a key combination. Trial and error with the first web-results did not work.

First, because the syntax seems to have changed and second, because I ignored upper and lower case in my test scripts – which SikuliX does not.

Here are some examples of key combinations you can use in SikuliX:

type(Key.HOME, KeyModifier.CTRL)

# ALT+F4
type(Key.F4, KeyModifier.ALT)

# CTRL+v
type('v', KeyModifier.CTRL)

type(Key.ESC, KeyModifier.CTRL+KeyModifier.ALT) 

change/update product key of microsoft office msdn installation

i just installed microsoft office with a msdn product key … installation went successful  but the activation reported that the activation limit for that key was reached …

going the “normal” way to change the product key (via: “file > help > change product key”) did not work.

you can either start the setup from the installation media again and can choose “change product key” .. select next .. and enter the new key …


or you can go to “system settings > programs and features” .. there  select the office product and click on “change” …


then you are presented with the very same dialog …