a good (and very fast) alternative for google reader

i was just about to switch from google reader to tt-rss when i scrolled through my starred articles and stumbled upon an lifehacker article mentioning feedly

so while i was uploading tt-rss i thought i could give feedly a try …

the good parts

what i can say now:

- it is fast

- it integrates in firefox and has an iphone app (which is amazingly fast)

- the ui is clean and clutter free

the missing

it seems to be the perfect replacement for google reader .. but .. from this first (approx. 30 minutes) evaluation i am missing two things:


just like google takeout i would like to know that i can export my feed list and switch my reader of choice at any time .. maybe that option exists but i could not find it …

the search seems to be a web search .. i was not able to search just within my feeds … (just found out it is requested and planned)

the conclusion

at a first sight it seems to be the perfect replacement .. but the lacking features makes it not my first choice …

i will set up and evaluate tt-rss next …