introduction - or why post so late?

as you will see in the script header comments i initially created it back in august 2012 .. as i saw the article on how to autorip dvds with windows on lifehacker i just had to reply …

the problem/challenge

i started writing this script because i wanted a ripping-solution which anybody could use. i did not want to write a howto for windows/linux but a solution that is truly auto-magic .. and then sends you an email when it’s done …

the solution

my approach for linux is a bash-script (now hosted on github) which can take one parameter for the dvd mount point. if no parameter is given it will go for “/dev/dvd”. it uses “mencoder” for the ripping, “mail” to send an email and “volname” to get the dvd volume name.

i then set this script to run as default action whenever a dvd video is inserted on my (atom) server, which is still running linux mint 9 with gnome. i did not have the time yet to set it up with LMDE but will post an update when i’ve done that.

the script

unfortunately i could not find an easy way to embed the source .. therefore please go check it out over at github

gnome: set a script to be run whenever a dvd video is inserted

in nautilus selecet “edit > preferences”

then select the “Media” tab and set the script as default action for “DVD Video”