getting lessc working

after trying to get lessc working following the post with no luck i finally managed it as follows (and as i just notices these are also only four command) …

sudo aptitude install git nodejs
sudo git clone /opt/lessc

open your .bashrc file using the command

gedit ~/.bashrc

and add the following new line to make lessc work

alias lessc='nodejs /opt/lessc/bin/lessc'

as the alias takes no effect in the opened terminal open a new terminal and it will work

workaround: slow printing pdf documents and images on the hp 2200 dtn

i tried everything to fix the slow printing of the hp 2200 dtn but nothing really helped .. the only thing seems to be to replace it with a different one …

i have the fit-pc2 running 24/7 and there is also running windows xp in virtualbox on it .. so i thought why not configure the printer in windows xp and share it …

using this shared windows printer the pages are printed in no time …

change the default terminal window size

to change the default terminal window size you have to edit the file

gksudo gedit /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm

and change the line (10) which reads something like


where co#132 means 132 columns and li#26 means 26 lines .. dunno what the it#8 stands for .. it did not change anything altering it …