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opening website takes forever … goodbye DM2

i run my windows system at work with a bunch of software tools: puretext [paste clipboard in plain text] dm2 [always on top any window/send to tray any window] bins [group software on the taskbar] hotkeyz [well … for hotkeys] winsplit revolution [a great window positioning/aligning tool] and one or two more … those all worked …


installing crm outlook plugin on windows 8 fails – problem communicating with the microsoft dynamics crm server

when trying to configure the dynamics crm outlook plugin it fails with an error saying that the server would not be reachable … testing the very same installation (i used update rollup 10) on windows 7 it installed just fine … after some searching i found out that the plugin requires the windows feature “windows …

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powershell – download file from server via https which has a self signed certificate

the problem: when I was trying to “wget” a file using $webClient.DownloadFile from a server with a self signed certificate it failed when using the following code: $webClient = new-object System.Net.WebClient $webClient.DownloadFile( $url, $path )   the resource: searching for a solution i stumpled upon there you will read that all it takes is …