goodbye google reader – it was nice meeting you … hello feedly!

a good (and very fast) alternative for google reader

i was just about to switch from google reader to tt-rss when i scrolled through my starred articles and stumbled upon an lifehacker article mentioning feedly

so while i was uploading tt-rss i thought i could give feedly a try …

the good parts

what i can say now:

– it is fast

– it integrates in firefox and has an iphone app (which is amazingly fast)

– the ui is clean and clutter free

the missing

it seems to be the perfect replacement for google reader .. but .. from this first (approx. 30 minutes) evaluation i am missing two things:


just like google takeout i would like to know that i can export my feed list and switch my reader of choice at any time .. maybe that option exists but i could not find it …


the search seems to be a web search .. i was not able to search just within my feeds … (just found out it is requested and planned)

the conclusion

at a first sight it seems to be the perfect replacement .. but the lacking features makes it not my first choice …

i will set up and evaluate tt-rss next …

IFTTT – receive an email for new offers on ebay for that (rare) item you are looking for [update 2013-06-07]

i love ebay … ebay is to me what amazon is to others .. a place where i get any item … and with the help of ifttt you can even receive an email if there is a new offer available for that special/rare item you are looking for .. this is how it goes:

getting the RSS URL from ebay

first you have to search for that thing you are looking for .. in my case: the rare cd from “la boom” named “atarihuana” .. so i search for “atarihuana” .. specific enough in my case ..

then looking at the very end of the search page you will find the orange “RSS”-button: right-click that and

seems that ebay removed the RSS button due to the layout change (thanks to Dennis Lind for his comment!) .. the solution is as follows …

when i search for “atarihuana” on i am presented with the following URL:

we now have to append “&_rss=1” (without the quotes) to the URL (and reload to verify that this awesome feature still exists) and thus result with the following URL

copy the url .. now head over to ifttt and create a new recipe for that RSS-feed to send you an email whenever a new item is added …

creating the receipe at ifttt

step 1: choose the trigger channel “Feed”


step 2: choose the trigger “New feed item”


step 3: insert the RSS feed URL


step 4: choose “Email” as action channel


step 5: choose “Send me an email” as action


step 6: you may edit the subject and/or the body (i added “ebay – atarihuana – ” to the subject)


step 7: in the last step you may add a description and finally create the recipe


and that’s everything you have to do .. from now on whenever a new offer is added on ebay you will receive an email with that new item …

hope this is useful to you …