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As I was about to merge two influx databases into one, I was surprised that one could not use the CLI influx to both import and export data. export influx measurement To export data from a influx database I used the following command: influx -database home -format csv -execute “select * from temperature” > /tmp/temperature.csv …


certificate error when initiating a RDP session using Remmina

Shortly after running the latest version of Remmina a new message “certificate changed” popped up. As I connect to different VMs with the same IP address (e.g. with client A I connect to host “KA” and client B I connect to host “KB” using the same IP address this message totally makes sense as …


DuckDuckGo – the search engine better than Google

Google hoarding data always worried me but the results where the best – no competitor could deliver results that good. how I do search For many years I am using Firefox’s “keyword search”-feature. This feature (first introduced by Opera iirc) helps specifying the site/search engine within the address bar and may be just one character …