Shortly after running the latest version of Remmina a new message “certificate changed” popped up.

As I connect to different VMs with the same IP address (e.g. with client A I connect to host “KA” and client B I connect to host “KB” using the same IP address this message totally makes sense as each VM has a unique certificate. But when I click on “OK” to accept the new certificate I get an error message.

Several posts on the web say that files in the folder ~/.freerdp/certs should be removed .. but this folder does not exist on my machine.

Others say they changed the RDP security from Negotiate to RDP .. but this also did not work for me.

Finally a blog post got me on the right track - there the programme xfreerdp was run via command line with the parameter /cert-ignore - this very parameter Ignore certificate can be configured right in Remmina .