zend debugger stopped working - apache errorlog [Zend Debugger] Debugger compile handler overriden

when trying to use the zend debugger today it just would not work …

looking into “window > preferences > debug > installed debugger” it showed me that i have xdebug and zend debugger installed …

a page suggested to remove xdebug … but when running phpinfo() it did not show anything about xdebug .. so that could not be the problem …

another page suggested to look into the error.log from apache where i read:

[Zend Debugger] Debugger compile handler overriden, will not be active in this request

when searching for this i found another page pointed me into the right direction .. (this one: http://www.phil-taylor.com/2006/04/05/debugger-compile-handler-overriden-cannot-continue/)

phil mentions that the problem is with running both zend debugger and the ioncube loader .. made me remember that i did install the ioncube loader last week …

his suggestion to remove the following line from php.ini did not work for me …


therefore i removed the zend loader … will set it up again when needed …

thanks phil!

SQL Server Express - take database offline

to take a database offline you need to create a new query and replace “YOUR_DATABASE” with the database you want to take offline ..

use [master]
alter database [YOUR_DATABASE] set offline with rollback immediate

to take it back online …

use [master]
alter database [YOUR_DATABASE] set online

dynamics ax google reader bundle out-sourced and some blogs added

howto format a usb thumb flash drive

to format a usb thumb drive you need a software called “gparted”.

installing gparted

to install it use the following command:

sudo aptitude install gparted

or you may also use the “Software Manager”,

search for “gparted” and install it.

run gparted

after the installation run it either by starting it with the command

gparted &

using the terminal or you may also find it in the mint menu listed in the group “Administration”

or just type “gparted” into the search box.


select the device you want to format from the dropdown list in the top right corner

when you made sure you have selected the correct device right-click the partition and select “Unmount”

then right-click the partition again and select the format you want the thumb drive to have from the sub-menu “Format to”

apply the changes by clicking on the ‘return’-button “Apply All Operations”

you have to confirm the operations to take effect

once the thumb drive is formatted you may close all windows and mount it by clicking on it in a nautilus window.

getting sound working in virtualbox guest windows 7 - no audio output device is installed

to get the sound working start up windows 7 and download the realtek AC'97 sound driver to your desktop. therefore click on the following link, accept and click ’next’ and download the very first driver “Vista/Win7 (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file)” from any mirror …


and extract it by right-clicking and selection “Extract All…”

select “Extract” on the next screen and wait for the file to be extracted.

when it is done click on the “Start”-Button and right-click “Computer” and select “Manage”.

the computer management console opens. select “Device Manger” in the left tree.

on the right side you should now see a device with a warning sign named “Multimedia Audio Controller”

double-click on that and select “Update Driver…” in its properties.

choose “Browse my computer for driver software”

and click the “Browse…"-button in the new window

select the lately extracted folder and click on “OK”

make sure the option “Include subfolders” is checked and confirm the step by clicking on the “Next”-button.

confirm the windows security popup by clicking on “Install this driver software anyway”

and wait for the installation to finish.

you now have sound in your vm.